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I can’t work out whether this is an archive page or a ‘future projects’ page…

Am Dram, Z-Troop

First off, if you’d like to read either of my recent pilot scripts, ‘Am Dram’ and ‘Z-Troop’, co-written with Rob Grant, click here.

I'm Not With Him

Here’s a clip of I’m Not With Him, by Andrew Ellard. I play Linda, an outspoken twat who orders everybody around.

Tropical London

And here’s Tropical London, by Liam Mullone. I play Dora, an outspoken twat who orders everybody around.

Speaking Coffee Plantation-ese

And here I play Sarah.. She’s just normal really, like anyone else, trying to get by in a Coffee Plantation world.

AND!  Coming soon... The best of Radio9 to listen to/download!

Radio9 was my sketch show for BBC Radio 4, which I co-wrote and performed with Johnny Daukes. I met Johnny doing a voice-over, where between us we were doing all the male and female voices for an animation series so naturally we thought we’d better take this megalomaniac dicking around to a whole new level. And thus Radio9 was born.

It ran for two series between 2004 and 2006, and was described as “a hoot” by The Independent, and “wonderful… in the great English tradition of nonsensical humour laced with a dash of social satire” by the FT. I can’t wait to overshare the wonder and horror of it all again.