Comedian. Writer. Class Act.


Edinburgh Shows

Infectious charm and a razor wit bringing a series of comic characters to vibrant life... it's deeply refreshing to see a comedian who's actually got something to say. ****
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One of the most innovative & relevant acts you'll see this year

The Guardian

Highly talented... utterly charming

Time Out

Hils Barker is one of the best young comedians around – go and see her.

Peter Richardson, The Comic Strip

a must see show ****


Worthy of her own TV show

The List

She knows how to write a gag… mocking but affectionate.


In The Wrong Place crackles and surges with pixie-ish energy and charming bitterness. Barker's envenomed befuddlement is frequently hilarious… her starry entrance may prove prophetic. * * * *



Hilarious…star of the night.

The Edinburgh Guide

Wonderful and funny

Time Out

Sharp, fine-tuned material. * * * *

Sunday Herald

Hilarious… Hils Barker is a very gifted comic.


A cynical intelligence and keen wit at work…definitely one to watch


Barker's multi-faceted humour has more teeth than the sweet smile suggests.

The List

Superbly witty… she does not seem afraid to try out new material and stay away from the standard. Hilarious.

Tore the roof off – far, far funnier than I can explain here.

XS Malarkey

Absolutely fantastic

Charles Nevin, The Guardian